Genealogy ist my fathers hobby. His research is related to the clan of:

  • Gooren / Hussmann and
  • Schlütter / Heymann

New information of the Sieber / Gunzelmann clan from the area of Bamberg are recently added.

According to his research the Gooren family comes from the „Goorenhof“ in Swolgen (NL), the family Hussmann from Rheinberg (D). The family Schlütter comes from Anhold (D) and the family Heyman from Stevensweert (NL).

All about the family comes from the Rhein-Maas-area and has levt this area only occasionally.

For a detailed list of several places our family came from, have a closer look on the homepage of my father.

The known progeniters of the clans are:

- Gooren Hendrik and Snieders Joanna

- Hussmann Peter Heinrich and Jansen Gertrud

- Sluter Gerardus and Overgoor Joanna

- Heijman Peter and Hulskens Petronella

For more detailed information incl. a list of names stored in his data base, please have a closer look on the homepage of my father: